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A Cappella “Film-At-Home” Checklist

Filming at home can be tricky if you only have your phone. Here are some ways to make your video look cleaner and more professional.

Filming Checklist: 


-Place the angle of your camera so that it is at eye level or slightly above. 

-Turn Camera so it is Horizontal 

-Use the back video camera, NOT the selfie camera. 

-Wipe off the camera with a micro-fiber cloth or your shirt. 


-Record in front of a window, this gives nice, even natural lighting. 

-If you don’t have a window with a good backdrop, then take a standing light and place it close to the camera without it being visible in the frame. IDEALLY, this will be above the camera so that it points slightly down toward you. If the light seems harsh on your face, or isn’t tall enough to point down, then either place it on something to raise it up, or point it toward the ceiling so that it will reflect back down on your face. 

-Keep the light as close to you as possible without being able to see it in frame. 


-Keep yourself in the center of the frame with space on both the left and right sides. There should be a little bit of room above your head, with your eyes sitting slightly above the middle of the frame.

Use the Rule Of Thirds! >>>


-Keep the background as clean as possible, a blank wall gives the best result. Be sure to separate the subject from the wall as much as possible while still having a clean background. This helps get rid of harsh unwanted shadows and helps the subject stand out a bit more in the frame. 

-If there is a bit of clutter around the outside of the frame, you can back up and double tap on your phone. This will utilize the optical zoom (which doesn’t look any quality). Still keep your framing, but this should give a narrower angle of view to cut off any unwanted background items. –

Comment below with any questions or suggestions!

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